Adda Cafe

  • Client: Robi
  • Status: Live
  • Short Code: 29040

Adda Cafe – Be social, make new friends by dialling 29040 from Robi number.

Project Overview:
Adda Cafe is an IVR & APP based entertainment service which is aimed to offer amazing community management opportunity for this generation. A service that will help you to build a new relationship with new people, feel relaxed when you need a break, strengthen your networking, upgrade your communication skill, make you a bold speaker & let you explore the power of openness. An engaging service that will never let you feel any boredom!

Key Features:
– Choose a friend: Users can choose what type of friend they want, e.g., male or female.
– Make a friend: User can make new friends from a huge friend list.
– Send a call request: User can choose to call a friend directly, choosing from the recorded UGC
– Ghost/hidden id chat: The service generates a ghost id for each user to maintain privacy.
– My profile: All the users will own a profile to maintain the service their way


Daily: 1.33TK (2o IVR Mins)

Weekly: 9.33Tk (150 IVR Mins)


SMS START RAC1 send to 29040

SMS START RAC7 send to 29040


SMS STOP RAC1 send to 29040

SMS STOP RAC7 send to 29040