Banglalink Bangla Dhol

  • Client: Banglalink
  • Available on: Play Store

With a virtually infinite collection of Bangla music – serving songs from timeless classics up to the new and popular choices of the day, Bangla Dhol offers a lifestyle Bangla music lovers can hardly refuse.

WiFi Access: Although you need to use your Banglalink connection to subscribe, after successful subscription – you can take advantage of Free WiFi hotspots around you to access Bangla Dhol and Rock ‘n’ Roll !!!


  1. Songs from every genre, Songs for everyone – Find songs of your favourite style or genre – choose from newest releases of all-time hits or match your mood playing from movie songs, band or classics.
  2. Make your own playlist, Take on your personal musical cruise – Browse through the endless list of titles/albums, keep adding songs to the playing queue and save anytime as your playlist to enjoy later.
  3. Search for songs, Search for singers– Search for available releases of your favourite singers, play them on the run or save to the playlist.


Charging Details:

30 days Free trial

2.67 Tk for 1 day (2 MB free internet)

13.33 Tk for 7 days (10 MB free internet)

39.98 Tk for 30 days (30 MB free internet)