• Shortcode: 16447
  • Client: Banglalink
  • Status: Completed (Or Live Service)
  • Web:
  • Play store:
  • IVR: Dial 16447

Get ghostly experience with real life and conventional stories. Share your own story too.

Project Overview:

Bhoutik APP is based on paranormal activity related stories that truly happened around the globe. The app aims to offer an amazing night time experience to its end user. The service ties up its users by offering real-life & conventional ghost stories with an exciting opportunity to share the user’s own ghost story. The app is also set to be famous for its users by offering experience sharing/content sharing to social media! Whenever you need to feel thrilled, the app is the perfect place for you, but remember to visit at your own risk!


Real-life ghost stories: Not all the ghost stories are just another fairy tale! Some are for real, this segment will give you that real ghostly taste!


Conventional ghost stories: Some ghost stories are yet legendary as they can’t be ignored! You may have heard them from your grandpa/grandma, your grandpa/grandma from their grandpa/grandma, but yet they still sound like fresh, thrilling & a total attention grabber. The conventional segment of ghost stories has all those legendary chill!

Service Information:
Bhoutik is a subscription-based service. The charging & other information about Bhoutik is given below:

– TK 2.44/Day (auto-renewal applicable)

– TK 8.52/7 Days (auto-renewal applicable)

– TK 18.27/15 Days (auto-renewal applicable)

– TK 36.53/30 Days (auto-renewal applicable)

Activation & Deactivation:

To activate 1-day pack: SMS START NS1 to 16447

To activate 7-day pack: SMS START NS7 to 16447

To activate 15-day pack: SMS START NS15 to 16447

To activate 30-day pack: SMS START NS to 16447

To de-activate (for any pack): STOP NS to 16447