Mon Amar

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Mental disorders constitute a major public health problem globally with a higher burden in low and middle-income countries. In the stress-filled environment of today, more and more teenagers and adults are succumbing to a number of mental disorders and conditions. Bangladesh passed a new Mental Health Act in 2018, which replaced the outdated 105-year-old Lunacy Act, 1912. Though the country has a high burden of mental health disorders only a few mental health services to help them out.


Inadequacy of Mental Health services

  • One physician per 4000 people in Bangladesh vs 1/400 in US and 1/2500 in India.
  • 4% of all Bangladeshi physicians are psych
  • Roughly 1psych/million in Bangladesh
  • Hardly any psychologists/social workers
  • Very few Mental Health researchers


Product Overview

Users will be able to get mental health support from this service. By dialing to the shortcode users will get different categories of mental illness and can choose according to their need. After selecting a segment user will get common mental health problems and solutions of that segment. Besides, users will be able to submit their own problem for which the user will get a suggestion from our psychologist panel.