Robi Boighor

  • Client: Robi
  • Available on: Play Store

Boighor is an e-book Reader. It’s a smart book reader for Android devices for Bangla e-books only. With an intelligent, yet stylish design, Boighor offers its’ subscribers the best user comfort in reading and the largest library of Bangla e-books.

In case of subscription model, the subscribers will be able to download free 2 books every day. Subscription fee is as low as Tk.1.00(Without SD and VAT)/day. Once subscribed to boighor, subscribers will need an active data connection to download their desired books.

How to use:

You need to visit google play store & download the app via a mobile browser. You can then subscribe to the service from the app through your Robi number & select from a range of Bangla books you like to download.

How to Subscribe:

  1. SMS: User will have to type “START BM” and send to 27050 to get the boighor app download link. Then need to download the app and subscribe.
  2. Through app: Download the app by clicking or searching from the Google play store. Then go to the app and click on the “SUBSCRIBE” button from the app.

How to Unsubscribe:

  1. SMS: Write STOP BM and send to 27050.
  2. Through app: Click on “UNSUBSCRIBE” button from the app


Per day 1.33 Tk (2 books per day)

Paid Books price (10/15/20 TK)