Recently Boighor was featured in The Business Standard. Take a look from the below article…
Most of us love to read a book. But carrying a physical book is often not an option while traveling. E-book service came to his rescue.

Whether on the move or immobile, one can store hundreds of books on a single device or in an app. For all bookworms, this also takes away the hassle of going to a library and manually searching for books. 

The cherry on top – it is significantly cheaper than paperbacks. These are the obvious reasons e-book is getting popular among the youngsters and adults, since the service caters to all age groups. 
How happy are the readers with e-books?

About user-friendliness and cheaper rate of e-book services, Rajkumar Chakravarty, senior manager of EB Solutions Limited, says, “One can download maximum five books a day paying TK 1 or 2 only using our Boighor app. It holds more than 1000 books. One can easily download the app and pay through bKash they can use it on their android and IOS devices.”

He adds they are working on making the service more accessible. “Currently around 20,000 subscribers read and download books using our app. We are working on our global version payment system to make it more accessible to the readers,” he says.

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